Programme Director


Kim established Surrey Starlets as a team in 1998 and has overseen its continual success and growth for 23 years. As company owner and Programme Director, Kim oversees the management of all 12 competitive teams and 2 recreational teams and deals with all business aspects of the company - from competitions, financial, management, safeguarding etc.



Senior Coach & Lead Tumble Coach

Amethyst,  Wisteria, Tanzanite, Byzantium, Tumble

From a gymnastics background and a qualified Club Coach, Spragg originally joined Surrey as an athlete competing at the World Championships with Amethyst. Spragg has now coached for Surrey for 4 years. This year she is coaching Amethyst and Tanzanite, whilst also being the lead tumble coach and managing the STRIVE! Leadership Programme.



Lead Coach

Tyrian, Byzantium, Blackcurrant

Having cheered for 10 years in Wales, Becky joined Surrey 3 years ago as a coach and athlete after moving to London. Having competed at both the USASF and ICU Worlds, Becky's focus in coaching is seeing athletes grow from shy and reserved to outgoing, confident individuals at Surrey.

Becky coaches Blackcurrant, Lilac, and Tyrian, as well as coaching our schools.

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Team Coach


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Team Coach


Abi began her cheerleading career at the Kingston University team. Having coached Starlets's scholols teams, This year Abi is also coaching Blackcurrant. 

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Tumble Coach

Tumble Classes

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Head Coach

Amethyst, Mulberry, Tanzanite, Iris, Lilac

A founding member at Surrey Starlets, Emma has 23 years of cheerleading experience, 18 of which she has coached. Having led Amethyst to 8 World Championships, she also coaches and choreographs for Mulberry, Tanzanite,  Iris and Lilac. Emma heads up the coaching staff at Surrey Starlets as well as leading the new initiatives each year.



Lead Coach

Violet, Kingston Cougars

Izzy has coached for 4 years at Surrey Starlets. Izzy has taken a leading role with our coaching programme, also coaching our University Team, Kingston Cougars. This year Izzy is coaching Wisteria and Vioelt and she is also the programme's Social Coordinator.

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Team and Tumble Coach

Tanzanite, Lavender and Tumble

After joining Starlets back in 2015, Amy has never looked back. From being a 'Designer Girl' on Mulberry, to competing at Worlds 3 times, Amy has grown and progressed her abilities in cheerleading. Now coaching Tanzanite, Amy looks forward to inspiring the next generation of Starlets. 

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Team and Rec Coach

Iris and Recreational

Amber has been in the cheerleading world for 9 years having competed at Levels 1-5. Having worked through our Leadership Programme, STRIVE, Amber is taking on a junior coaching role, and is looking forward to bring Byzantium back this season!


Team Coach


Megan has been a gymnast for over 16 years and started cheerleading at university 3 years ago. In addition to coaching Megan also competes on Amethyst. This year Megan is leading the recreational classes. 

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Team and Rec Coach

Wisteria and Recreational

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